Broadcom SDIO firmware used with LibreELEC
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Emanuele HF 21af05ffd6 Added AZW-Z83-V firmware 6 months ago
firmware Added AZW-Z83-V firmware 6 months ago Added NanoPi K2 firmware 4 years ago


The following wireless/bluetooth modules are currently supported:

  • AP6212 Khadas_VIM basic, NanoPi K2
  • AP6255 WeTek_Hub v2, Khadas_VIM pro
  • AP6330 WeTek_Play_2, Cubox-i2/4
  • AP6335 WeTek_Hub v1

Use of hciattach and brcm_patchram_plus are discouraged as firmware loading can be triggered by including compatible = "brcm,bcm43438-bt"; nodes in device-tree. For more information refer to Linux Kernel Documentation.